Silencing RAID controller alarms

Q: I would like to disable the beep on the controller. How do I accomplish this? 

A: LSI MegaRAID controllers have three different options for managing the fault alarm; Enable, Disable, and Silence. Disabling the alarm will disable it permanently until you manually enable it again, so generally we do not advise doing this unless the system is managed remotely. Choosing to silence the alarm will disable it temporarily until the next reboot, or until the controller encounters another event that would normally trigger the alarm, such as a drive failure.

Editing the alarm settings can happen through the LSI BIOS, command line utilities such as MegaCli and StorCli, or by using the graphical MegaRAID Storage Manager.

In MegaCli, run the following command:

# MegaCli64 -AdpSetProp <AlarmEnbl | AlarmDsbl | AlarmSilence> -aN

In StorCli, run the following command:

# storcli /cx set alarm=<on | off | silence>

In MegaRAID Storage Manager, right click on the controller icon, then use the context menu to choose to silence or disable the alarm.

In the LSI BIOS, enter the Controller Properties menu. Click Next to get to the third properties page. There will be a drop-down menu next to Alarm Control to allow you to change the alarm settings.


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