Checking IP address configuration

Q: How can I check the IP address that IPMI is using?

A: The motherboard will list the IP address in the BIOS, usually under IPMI > Set LAN Configuration. By default we leave DHCP turned off and set as the static IP before shipping, for security reasons. This can be changed from the BIOS as well, or you can change the settings from your operating system.

To check IP addressing for IPMI from within your operating system, you can use IPMICFG from SuperMicro. Download it here:

Then run the following command:

ipmicfg -m

Additional commands for setting an IP address manually are available in the included user guide in the download.

If running Linux or UNIX with ipmitool installed, you can also check IP address settings with the following command:

# ipmitool lan print

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