Auto-Sync Troubleshooting

Disable the auto-sync runner as it is sometimes known to cause issues:

  • $ setup trigger autosync-check disable 

Check for locks on both the source and destination:

  • $ show appliance nms locks –v

(no output means no locks)


If there are locks, restart NMS with svcadm from bash:

  • # svcadm restart nms

Also, apply these 'best practice' auto-sync settings to this job. Set 'force' flags to improve handling of snapshot replication. This will set use_any_snapshots, rollback, destroy snapshots as the options

  • $ setup auto-sync :<autosync name> property force -p 42 

Restart the rrdaemon service on both the source and destination, once the service is restarted - try to run the auto-sync job again.

  • # svcadm restart rrdaemon
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