How to replace a 10GbE Emulex Card

1. Remove the host name for the aggregate (we will use aggr0 in this example).

# cd /etc
# rm hostname.aggr0

2. Delete device links

# devfsadm -Cv

3. Touch reconfigure to rescan on boot

# cd /
# touch reconfigure

4. Reboot once you have physical or virtual console access

# init 6

5. As the emulex bios comes up, press CTL + p. Then disable muilti-channel and advanced mode. Once it reboots we will need to rebuild the bond.

6. Set the mtu to 9000

# ifconfig -a

7. Find the new oce nics, most likely 2 and 3.

# dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9000 oce2
# dladm set-linkprop -p mtu=9000 oce3

8. Now build the bond

# nmc
$ setup network aggregation
> create
> oce2 oce3 (select with spac)
> aggr0

9. Then ip the nic

$ setup network interface aggr0
> ip
> Net mask
> mtu 9000


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