X9/X10 motherboard POST codes


This error indicates a failure to connect to legacy peripherals. If you are using a KVM switch for the monitor and USB keyboard/mouse, remove it and plug the monitor and USB devices directly to the motherboard. Or, if your system’s operating system came preinstalled, simply leave your peripherals disconnected on first boot, then reconnect them after giving the system a few minutes to boot. 


These codes indicate a memory initialization failure. This can be caused by a poor signal to the DIMMs, so try re-seating the DIMMs first. If the system still fails to boot, then there is likely a faulty DIMM in one of the primary slots on the motherboard.


This error indicates that the motherboard was unable to detect a hard drive with a valid partition structure and boot record. This can happen if you attempt to use dd to copy your operating system from one drive to another. To remedy this, you will either have to reinstall the operating system, or rewrite your boot loader from a recovery disc.


This error indicates BIOS firmware failure. If IPMI is still accessible you can attempt to run a BIOS update. If you cannot update the BIOS, then RMA the motherboard.


This indicates BIOS image corruption. You will need to run a BIOS recovery.

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