RAM models and serials

Q: I have a failed DIMM, but I do not know the model and serial. How do I obtain this information?

A: This information is written into DMI into the motherboard. To access it, simply use dmidecode, available on most UNIX and Linux operating systems by default, and available as a separate download for Windows operating systems.

Use the following command to pull a complete listing of DIMM information from the board:

  • dmidecode -t 17

If using Linux or UNIX, you can further sort this information according to physical locations on the board, using grep. This is especially useful for identifying the faulted module after receiving a slot number from the IPMI system event log.

  • dmidecode -t 17 | grep 'Locator\|Serial\|Part\|Manufacturer'

Below is an example of the output given after sorting with grep.

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