SMTP "phone home" Mailer Settings

Note: If you have a HA Cluster (StorCore 104), you only need to perform this process on one head-node, as it will mirror the email configuration to the second head-node; however, you should double check this.



  • Navigate to the Nexenta Management Viewer (NMV) on a web browser


    • This is the IP address of your management interface. The default port is 2000 (or 8457 on 4.0.X).


  • Navigate to the Mailer settings


    • Settings > Appliance
      • On the left navigation bar, under the "Administration" module, click "Mailer"
        • You will likely be prompt to log-in here


  • Set the Mailer E-Mail Addresses
    • Add the following:
      • E-Mail Addresses
      • E-Mail Addresses for faults
      • E-Mail Addresses for statistics
    • Click "Save"
    • Click “Test” to send a test email to verify functionality
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