Submitting an RMA Request

If you have a failed component in a system while within warranty coverage, then you will need to submit a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request in order to obtain replacements. If you are unsure which components have failed and would prefer to return the system for troubleshooting, you can also use the RMA Request form to submit system return requests.

Additional details about the failed component or system will be required for submitting a RMA request.

Required fields for single component RMAs:

  • Component model number
  • Serial number from the failed component
  • Component quantity
    • Note: Ticket submissions are currently limited to a single component model. If you have multiple failed components with different model numbers, please submit a separate request for each model.
  • Shipping address

Required fields for system returns:

  • System SM serial number
  • Shipping address

To ensure accuracy and reduce the chance of delay on RMA requests, please be sure to give a detailed description of the failure as well, as some failures may not require replacement components.

Additional instructions for identifying faulted hardware can be accessed in the following articles:

Once you've determined the above details, you can proceed with submitting the RMA.


  1. From the Help Center, click on "Submit a request" in the upper right of the page.
  2. On the next page, select "RMA Request" from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter a Subject and Description of the failure.
    • Note: You may be prompted with Help Center article suggestions after entering a Subject, which can assist with identifying and replacing your faulted hardware. You can ignore these suggestions if they are unneeded.
  4. For the drop-down list under RMA type, select "Component replacement" if you are submitting a RMA for a single component model. Select "System repair" if you are returning an entire system for service.
  5. Fill in the remaining fields that appear after selecting your RMA type. You can also attach a file with log output, if needed.
  6. Click on "Submit" when finished. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail to show the request has been created.
  7. To view the status of your request, click on "My activities" in the upper right of the Help Center.


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