Limits to Advanced Parts Replacement Service

2. Optional Advanced Parts Replacement

Optional Advanced Parts Replacement is not included in our Standard Limited Warranty but is an option that may be purchased at an additional cost. In the event that Silicon Mechanics Support is unable to resolve outstanding technical issues through remote troubleshooting as provided by Section 1.1.1, Optional Advanced Parts Replacement (if purchased) covers the cross-shipping of components in the event that a component fails. All components and systems are shipped with limited 20-calendar day (from ship date) return for advanced replacement on DOA parts and components. Optional Advanced Parts Replacement service may be purchased within 30 days of original system purchase, and will be indicated on your packing slip or invoice.

2.1 Limits to Advanced Parts Replacement Service

2.1.1 Optional Advanced Parts Replacement Service terms can be purchased, but only for a duration that coincides with the duration of the Standard Limited Warranty term associated with your system (e.g., Customer cannot purchase a 5-year Advanced Parts Replacement Service with a 3-year Standard Limited Warranty, but could purchase both a 5-year Advanced Parts Replacement Service and a 5-year Standard Limited Warranty).

2.1.2 Silicon Mechanics will make commercially reasonable efforts to cross-ship components covered under the Standard Limited Warranty and Advanced Parts Replacement Service. In the event that a component cannot be cross-shipped, Silicon Mechanics will work with Customer to identify an alternative.

2.1.3 Silicon Mechanics is not responsible for part manufacturers’ delays and will use reasonable efforts to notify Customer if cross-shipment of components will be delayed due to such delays.

2.1.4 Replacements under the Advanced Parts Replacement Service may be delayed for specialized components (e.g., SED- or FIPS-enabled hard drives, embedded CPUs, etc.).

2.1.5 All requests for Advanced Parts Replacement Service require an accompanying support ticket number, as provided by Section 5, below. This number will be generated by Silicon Mechanics Support during the troubleshooting period discussed in section 1.1.1.

2.1.6 All defective components that have been replaced with cross-shipped parts must be returned to Silicon Mechanics at customer’s cost and risk within 20 calendar days of the replacement parts being shipped. Components not received within this time limit will be invoiced to Customer according to the payment method on file. This invoice is not refundable. Prior to and as a condition of Silicon Mechanics cross-shipping replacement parts, Customer must provide a payment method that will be invoiced for parts not returned within the 20 calendar day return period.

2.1.7 Silicon Mechanics will cross-ship replacement parts using a 2-business-day courier service. Options for faster shipping may be available at Customer’s request for an additional charge.

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