Creating a RAID 1 with the Onboard Intel C612 chipset

This guide is to help with the creation of a RAID 1 using the integrated Intel C612 controller.


1. Enter the BIOS by hitting the "delete" key. Once there, tab over to the Advanced tab and select the SATA Configuration option and hit 'Enter'.


2. The default setting is set to AHCI, change this to RAID.


3. You may need to change the default boot select option from sSATA controller to the SATA controller. Depending on where your drives are installed. In this case, it is the SATA controller.


4. Hit F4 to save and exit the BIOS.


5.  You should now see a new option during POST with the option to hit Ctrl+I to go to the Intel Rapid Storage BIOS, and you should see your two drives listed there as well.


6. The default screen will look similar to the following image.  Hit enter to create a new RAID volume.


6. Use the enter key to move down from section to section.  Name your volume first, then when you need to select between RAID 0 and RAID 1, use your "Arrow" keys to change RAID modes.  Hit enter when done.


7. Once you have made all the changes you want.  Create the Volume. A prompt will come up asking if your really want to continue, hit Yes.  There should be no data on these drives yet so it is safe to create the mirror.


8. Here you see the main screen again with your newly created RAID 1.  


9. You can now hit 'ESC' to exit this screen and continue loading your OS on your new mirror.

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