DMI/FRU imprinting with amidedos.exe

All of Silicon Mechanics servers are now imprinted with the Silicon Mechanics Serial number.  The serial number will be on a sticker on the rear of every chassis and will look something like:  SM123456

The imprinting process has only been in production for about 2 years now.  So any system purchased on or around 2014 and longer will not have the system serial number imprinted into the DMI/FRU.

If you require this feature on an older server to ID it remotely, please follow these steps.

The tool we use is called amidelnx but it is not a free tool, we pay a yearly fee to be able to use it at our facility. There is a free version you can find online in old BIOS files called amidedos.exe which will do the same thing.

You will need to download a copy of the amidedos.exe file attached to this article.

You will also need a DOS bootable USB stick and copy the amidedos.exe file only to the USB. 

Once your booted into the USB you can type the amidedos commands as follows to imprint the DMI information.

amidedos /SM ["String"] Read/Write System manufacture in Type 1.
amidedos /SP ["String"] Read/Write System product in Type 1.
amidedos /SS ["String"] Read/Write System Serial number in Type 1.

Here is a link to the amidedos users manual if you want to really dig into the commands.


To imprint the IPMI FRU information do the following:

You can find the ipmicfg tool at this link.
Here are the codes for the 3 you need.
FRU Space Code FRU Memory Label
PM Product Manufacturer
PN Product Name
PS Product Serial number


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