Requesting an RMA via

Once you have determined that you need to request an RMA for a failed component, please open a case by emailing and providing the relevant information according to the template below:

Subject: RMA Request for SM<#>

Component Make/Model: RAID Card - LSI 9270-8i

Device Serial Number: <########>
Server Serial Number: SM<#>
Internal RMA Number: (Optional)
Failure Description: A short description of how the component was discovered to have failed

Please provide an RMA and tracking number for the failed part(s).

The replacement part(s) can be shipped to the following address:

123456 Street St.
Silicon Town, Washington 55555

Be sure to include an up-to-date Shipping Address for any RMA request.

Thank you!

If you need assistance to identify failed components, or have questions regarding the RMA process, please see our detailed RMA Request Guide.

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