Storcli for FreeBSD and Other Operating Systems

UPDATE (4/28/17): Broadcom acquired Avago since the time of the original publication of this article. To access Storcli and other "LSI" utilities, use the following link and select your product:

Storcli can be used to assess the health and performance of LSI/Avago/Broadcom RAID controllers and attached hard drives.

To download Storcli for your RAID controller follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select either 'SAS/SATA Host Bus Adapters' or 'RAID Controller Cards'.
  3. Next, select the throughput speed that applies to your controller: '12Gb/s SATA + SAS RAID' or '6Gb/s SATA + SAS RAID'. Then find and click on your controller model from the list.
  4. Alternatively, if you don't know these specifications but know the controller model, e.g. "MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i", you can enter that into the search field from anywhere on Avago's website and find the product link and result you are looking for. (Search on
  5. After arriving at the information page for your controller model, click on 'Downloads'.
  6. Under the 'Management Software and Tools' section, look for 'Latest MegaRAID Storcli' and click on the Download icon to download the associated .ZIP archive. (You may need to 'Expand' the section first.)
  7. Once downloaded, extract the archive and navigate through the directories to locate your OS-specific Storcli folder, e.g. FreeBSD.
  8. Read the readme.txt file for your OS to get instructions on how to install or run Storcli on your system.

Running Storcli on FreeBSD:

In order to run Storcli on FreeBSD, first find the storcli.tar archive and extract it. Next, you will need to enter a bash shell. (See explanation below.)

From storcli_All_OS/FreeBSD/FreeBSD_readme.txt:

Requirement for StorCli & StorCli64 Execution in FreeBSD OS:

  • In FreeBSD OS, StorCli or StorCli64 application will not function if the user is trying to run it in CSH, the default shell in FreeBSD.
  • Please ensure that the user has entered the bash shell by executing the command "bash".

Using Storcli to Assess Your System:

Click to download the 'Storcli Reference Manual' from Avago (Updated: 01/31/2013). This document provides an overview of the software, installation, and the command syntax.

Here is a list of common commands:

  • storcli –h - Help appears for all the Storcli commands
  • storcli /c0 show all - Shows a summary of all information for the first controller
  • storcli /c1 show all - Shows a summary of all information for the second controller
  • storcli /c<#> download file=filepath [fwtype=] [nosigchk] [noverchk] [resetnow] - Flash the controller firmware. See page 21 of the Reference Manual, section 4.2.6 "Flashing Controller Firmware Command" for more information.


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